on the Weißekreuzplatz

Our summer garden
Opening on 03.06.

The summer garden

Just like last year, the summer garden at Reimanns Eck will reopen at the beginning of June. The cozy open-air atmosphere is the perfect place to relax on sunny days. With cool drinks and hot coffee variations, you can leave everyday life behind you.

Opening hours

Monday - Friday

Open from 3 pm

Saturday & Sunday

Open from 2 pm


The summer garden remains closed in bad weather.

The team

Our friendly team looks forward to welcoming you to Weißekreuzplatz.

Opening 2023

The summer garden at Reimanns Eck was opened on June 28. Björn Hensoldt was delighted that Weißekreuzplatz was once again able to host restaurants after a long time. He spoke with pride about the history of the square, whose name goes back to an inn from the 17th century. Dr. Axel von der Ohe, Hanover's first city councillor, added to Hensoldt's appeal and emphasized the importance of redesigning the squares near the railroad station, including Weißekreuzplatz. The redesign of such places made it possible to enrich urban life and create new opportunities for gastronomy, but also for urban interaction.




You will find the Sommergarten on Weißekreuzplatz at the beginning of the Lister Meile. Due to the short distance to the main train station and the Sedanstraße stop, it has ideal connections (lines 3-7-9), even without a car. You can still find parking spaces in the surrounding streets.